Our First Pop Up!

Ta-Da! The Perky Company is having our 1st POP UP Shop!

Be our guest and join us! RSVP right here!

His and Her Mugs Will Be Available at the Pop Up!

Ladies and Gents Valentines is coming up quick! Instead of just getting a gift for just him or just her...get a unique gift for us!

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Who We Are

The Perky Company is for any woman who needs a perk in their day. Life is hard and can get really painful at times, dealing with our daily obligations such as our jobs and our classes, along with our emotions is difficult. Our friends and families at the most inconvenient times when our emotions are getting the best of us are not available, we find ourselves trying to get through by ourselves. It is our mission with the Perky Company to provide both everyday high quality products and media to help woman going through a bad day and turn it into a perky day.

Perky Company Anniversary Party

August 31st, 2019
Lauren, President of The Perky Company, LLC

Message from the CEO...