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Hold up! Who is this and What Do They Want?

A new romance is exhilarating, being pursued swept off your feet by someone you are really attracted to. It is a wonderful addiction when you are attracted to someone that you want to spend all your time with, it can become blinding to anyone or anything around you including your other emotions that are saying, ‘Hold up! Who is this and what do they want?’. Perky people, it is fine to go out on a few dates with someone you may like or is attracted, but eventually after a couple of dates you are going to have to discuss where is this relationship going?

Do not allow this gray area to linger over this relationship, and allow your feelings to develop for someone who does not return them. The sooner you rip the band aid off asking the person what’s up, the cleaner and easier it will be to wipe off the sticky residue from the wound and move on. In this muddled time period trust and assumptions can be confused, creating a get out of jail free card scenario when these lines are blurred, where one person is acting too much of free agent then the other person would like. This is very common heart wrenching stupid mistake many of us have fallen for, allowing someone in our lives, but not asking them why they are there.

Be sure of your wants first, you cannot say you just want to hang out, but then act like you want a committed relationship. You must be honest with yourself and what your heart can and cannot handle. Our hearts and our perkiness are one, hence our company slogan, never ever let anyone take your perkiness away, what hurt our hearts will transfer and show on the outside, in how we care for ourselves and for others. Like Iyanla Vanzant says, we must do our work. To be happy and perky people and have happy perky relationships we must listen to our heart on what it wants and needs to grow, and using our mind and perkiness to go find it.

As always, Be Bold...Be Beautiful...Be Perky!