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App Review: Ibotta. The Modern Day Coupon Clipping App, to shop and save your coins.

Listen, I am not ashamed to saving my hard earned coins. I tried clipping the paper coupons, collecting the Sunday retailer ads, and carrying around the coupon organizer to catch the best deal...and it was a pain in the butt taking up a lot of time and energy. With the rise of coupon clipping apps, Ibotta is my ultimate favorite that saves me the coupons! Check out my review and give it a shot if you want, it is a quick and easy app to save your coins!

With holiday shopping well on the way, and the list of wants and needs outweighing the bank account having an app that can help you save your coins is a must have. 


  1. No Nonsense Simple Easy App: Like all electronics and technology it tracks your buys and then gives your percentage back of what you bought.
  2. Includes Retailers You Love and Buy From: Groceries, Pet Supplies, Clothes, Travel, and Electronics it has money saving opportunities for any category of purchase ( well except for bills, rent/mortgage, and gas)
  3. Your making some money back (duh): The app allows your to collect up to a certain dollar amount, and then you can transfer it into your PayPal or Venmo; or you purchase gift cards!


  1. They have Ads to Buy More Stuff: They have to make their coins somehow right? Be warned, some products you want to redeem and get cash back on  may force you to watch a video advertisement, which can embarrassingly play aloud through the speaker of your phone. 
  2. If you Don’t Redeem it you Lose It: Basically you have to get into the habit of checking the app first and then buy, or you lose the cashback opportunity. 
  3. Online Retailers can take longer to give you your money: Yeah, Amazon cashback can take a while, it can take up to a certain number of days to redeem you your funds.
  4. Keep your Receipts: Depending on the retailer, the app can sync to another app on your phone or create a new window to purchase from the retailer you want, and your purchase may not take and you do not receive your cashback. Keep track of your receipts and your Ibotta uploads to make sure you get compensated. If not report it to IBOTTA support team to assist you to get you your coins.

In this modern world you have to have a full time job, a side hustle, ways to save your coins, and have ways for your money to work for you. Honestly I have been using the app for a while now, and have been able to save some serious coinage. We work too hard to make our money, so don’t get lazy and not make your best efforts to adapt the app in your shopping habits. Perk up your wallet saving your coins and try out the app. 

Just like with paper coupons in the Sunday Paper, read the fine print first. Double check if there is a quantity limit, expiration date, excluded products, and a dollar limit on any retailer offers on the Ibotta page. 

As always, 

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