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2018 Review and 2019 Preview

We are very thankful for the amazing year, well four months of the year we had! lol

Before launching Labor Day weekend, it was almost a whole year of creating the concept, testing products, talking the ears off family and friends on new ideas for the business, and creating designs for my desired target audience, women of color who desire a perk in their everyday life.

Like most people who first start a business, your scared: that people will not like your products, that you will fail, and of course that you are taking a risk. Trust me, I was very afraid and anxious, but was ready and willing to test and try different methods and try to find what will stick. I won’t lie, this year was tough, and I learned that as much time and dedication you put into your business the better the results, and that includes taking risks. Thankfully, the risks have worked out for us this year, and we look forward to taking more risks in the coming year. Our greatest lesson we learned this year, is to trust in our products and be fearless.

In 2019, we look forward to continue learning, growing, prospering, reaching more people who need a perk! As always we will continue to strive for the greatest quality products, expand our website with more resources, and pursue more marketing campaigns.

Again, we are so thankful for all the support and feedback, we cannot wait for 2019 to show you all we have planned. We wish you all Happy Holidays!

Be Bold...Be Beautiful...Be Perky!


The Perky Company

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