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Family or Fiance

Recommended for People Who Are: Single, Dating, Committed Relationship, or Currently Married. 

Family or Fiance is probably the best show on air on the OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network), it discusses the real issues that couples are dealing with before they get married. To make it worse, talking about the unspoken dirty laundry in their relationship, that are hidden deep in the laundry hamper that they are exposing these issues in front of their families (not including us...the audience lol.) 

This is a great show for couples (yes, men will like the show), to compare and evaluate their opinions that are going on in these relationships. It’s a great opportunity to get to know your partner a little better from another lense, outside of your relationship (i. e. merging families, boundaries on families, and fiances.) 

What I commend the show each week is the value of couple and family counseling. The important lesson you can learn is that words matter, communicating the words you want to convey matter, and how you choose to convey those words matter. 

My only judgement on the show is that I wish the show provided the couples more time to resolve their issues. We love that the show is centered on counseling and family bonding, but I think the show could have done better with having more counseling, for the families. I think there is a lot of pressure for couples to handle mediating their families, as well as dealing with their relationship issues. 

A thought, would be to have a counselor to help the families expressing their concerns understanding their opposing points of view. Often times on the show there has been an issue of not getting all the facts (or tea), only getting one side that probably makes the fiance look crazy or suspect. It is not, until the families have a blow up at the dinner table (which is where it always happens), that this resolution comes to light. Ultimately, this would be useful since the counselor/host, Tracey, always says that the couples are getting married, but the families are getting married too. 

Family or Fiance is Perky Approved!

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