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How to Get Promoted

With the end of the year coming so soon...comes the end of the year reviews and money! As we said time and time again perky people we are all about the money at the job, but how can we get more money from our employers? We have big goals and dreams in 2020, we have plans to go on vacations, investments, homes,  purchasing new perky mugs, and any dollar counts. To get more money from the employer and get the promotions and raises you want, we have to discuss with our management our goals, start acting like a boss, and keeping receipts of anything and everything we do!  

First thing you need to do is list our how much money you want, don’t think of just one figure, think in terms of ranges, like $50,000-$60,000. Do not be modest, but be realistic too, you need to know those numbers before you discuss your career goals with your manager. Ideally, you would want to make a salary that you can pay the bills, have some disposable income, have money for investments, and then have money for savings, long term and emergency savings. Once you know that salary range you want to be in figure the difference from your current salary, then do a simple research online on what the typical salary range for someone in your role in your area. It would not hurt to also check what jobs are available too, there is nothing wrong scoping out your options! 

Next, comes thinking about your achievements and all the projects you worked on throughout the year, and have a separate list of ideas or suggestions of projects you can take on for 2020. This is important, we are collecting the receipts to get more money, showing our value to the company. Do not rush this process, work on it over a couple of days. Once you're satisfied with your lists, put some time on the calendar with your manager. Now when you meet with your boss, dress to impress, which I am sure you already do, and come in with your perkiest attitude. Take lead off of your manager’s body language and attitude, make sure they are also in a decent mood too to have the most successful outcome. Be cordial, thank your manager for taking the time to meet, explain your motive that you discuss how you want to progress in your career at the company, and what are some opportunities that are available to get promoted or get the maximum bonus. Conjure your list of achievements year to date and then pitch your 2020 ideas and gather your managers feedback. Like the slogan goes, “read the room”, if your manager seems engaged in the conversation, proceed to ask about how you get to the salary range you desire within the company. Having this open conversation can get you the tea if the company is going to pay up for any extra work you put in, or not. If not, return to the job search you did and proceed with looking for other opportunities, don’t forget to network too, check out our latest article on networking on our website!  

If your manager is optimistic that the salary range you want is achievable in your office, take detailed notes on how you get that money. Put it out there to your manager, that it is your goal for 2020, to make that money you want. This next step is putting in that elbow grease and doing the work. After that meeting switch your mindset and your role in the office, and become a boss a leader, as if you already have the raise and promotion. Your notebook logging your work should be close to you at all times like your purse and your cellphone. Do not leave that notebook lying around anywhere, get it locked and stored away! Stay on track with your goals at all times, keep regular meetings with your manager, and keep on good terms with your colleagues in the office.  Be like a politician on the campaign trail, you want on good terms with everyone on your team to get their vote, but your case to get the promotion. Keep the perkiest attitude you can in the office, unfortunately you have to limit the headphone use, may work longer hours, but the reward of getting paid is worth it!

Do not allow fear to stop you from getting the coin you want! We all deserve to get the money we want and live comfortable lives, but to do so we have to speak up, which is the hardest part, then create a plan, and then do the work! Overall, continue to always engage and build the best professional relationship you can with your manager, and maintain your perky attitude, these are the two things you need to stand out. Your manager can be your biggest ally and advocate, you do not want them to be your enemy, or have any negative surprises in your year end reviews. Promotions and raises are political and strategic, you want your manager to think of you as a positive right hand, and wants to reward you for your reliability. Like we said in the beginning we are at the job to get paid, go in there on Monday to get that money!

As always be bold...be beautiful...be perky…and get paid!

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