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Importance of Networking: It all starts with a hello!

It all starts with a hello!

That is how you start networking, the term is just a fancy way of saying you want to build connections and meet new people. Building connections, networking is a way to accomplishing your goals.  Specifically, in this article we will emphasize the importance of networking for your career. We all have to work and pay those bills, but networking can assist us in finding opportunities that can help us get paid and find a job that we will enjoy doing. 

Job hunting and advancing your career is difficult and annoying, going through LinkedIn or Indeed searching positions and filling in the time consuming online applications. In reality, when jobs are posted online, employers may have some candidates already in mind and have interviews scheduled with those lucky few. How? This happens because of networking, these candidates already have a chance for the job prior to others. It is important to be strategic when networking and engaging with employers anyway you can: attending happy hours, attending seminars, interacting with recruiters on LinkedIn, are all ways you can improve your chances of finding opportunities that best fit for what you are looking for. When you attend events and put yourself out there, you can meet people who can give you the tea about their employer: what are their likes and dislikes about the company, what are the compensation and benefits packages, and what plans the company has for the future (all non-confidential of course). 

The more information you can gather about businesses that are hiring the better, so you can refine and navigate your search to top businesses that suit your needs and values. On the other hand, as a manager looking for people you want to hire networking is just as important. Unfortunately, many managers do not get to review all the applications that are submitted for their posting. For employers that are looking to build a diverse workforce, you may have to attend networking events focused on ethnic groups to connect to those professionals. 

You cannot just apply for jobs online. Waiting for the recruiter to call you back, is a luxury when you do not want to get out of your job desperately or in need of more funds hitting your bank account from your bi-weekly paycheck. To accelerate your career and have options you have to get out there and connect and meet people. Branding is another article, but you have to pitch yourself: let people know who you are, where you work at, and what your career goals are. Not only will you possibly gain a chance of a job opportunity, but you may find an opportunity for someone else as well. Do not sleep on the employer referral incentives at your work! You can potentially gain extra cash referring someone to get a job. Receiving resumes and sending to human resources is a way you can bring better talent in the recruiting pool, and a more people of color into the recruiting pool as well! Do not hesitate or second doubt yourself, get out there and start saying hello to people.

As always be bold, be beautiful, be perky! 

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