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New Year New Journey

Hey Perky People. 

New Year!!! I hope you all are perky and enjoyed the holidays! Like many people, I’ve committed to taking care of myself and started working out regularly. Yes, y’all I’ve been getting up regularly at 6am working out and meditating 5 days a week, and I wanted to share with you how it’s been and what I’ve learned!

Number One. It Feels so good being consistent…and building a new habit! 

Y’all there is no shame…being proud of yourself getting up everyday to workout, especially if you’ve tried and fell off the wagon when you started a workout regime before like me! Okay…me right here! 

Number Two. Routine Results Come First and then Physical Results come with more time and consistency. Trust me, when I start a new Youtube workout I am struggling and praying for it to end, but I see improvement in my form and stamina in just the second day!  Physical results on the other hand, like, gut gone, lifted and firm chest, bigger rounder butt, toned arms, sadly takes more time and consistency. 

Number Three. Give up Workouts…but Don’t Give up on the Journey. We spend too much time in our lives doing things we don’t like, including working out, plus giving up foods we love and enduring portion control! Who has the time or temperament to endure a workout they don’t like? I sure don’t! I call this quitter guilt, to get over this guilt I had to get real with myself, that I am hurting myself if I continue doing workouts my body and mind are telling me I have no business doing! So, I dropped them…bye bye, and trust I am happier and more motivated to continue to work out with the things I want to do!

Number Four. An hour workout is not dreadful anymore. In the beginning, I started just wanting to do the bare minimum, of just 15-minute workouts. With the commitment in mind to work out, I gradually found my rhythm and wanted to go a little longer. Yas girl, I cannot believe it myself! I started getting serious and laying out a workout plan: creating alternate days between cardio and strength training, and then adding 10- or 15-minute videos for a specific target area I want to tone or shape. At the end of my workout time, I do five minutes of meditation, it just ends the workout hour so well, and changes its meaning to a wellness or self-care hour. 

Number Five. I love weights and how good they make me feel. Listen, feeling tighter and stronger is an amazing feeling, and when you see some muscles trying to pop up from under the fat and skin it is nice! Now, I know weightlifting is not the only way to build muscles and tone, but I prefer it because you also see results in your level of strength over time; like moving up in the amount of weight you can handle from 10lbs to 15lbs. 

Finally, Number Six. We love the vibe of being in control of our mind and improving our willpower! This is really crucial, and why I added that meditation into a lifestyle habit. It is important to me training to control my mind and my ability to focus, not just in fitness, but for everyday life. It’s kinda like taking the reins back from my brain, and telling it what I want to focus on, when I want to be perky and push myself for a last rep, muting distractions, and kicking self- doubt to the wayside! 

So that’s it Perky People, those are our six things we learned since working out regularly in January. If you haven’t started but want to start working out, start like me with just a fifteen-minute workout, walk in place, anything just try. We will keep you posted on how we are doing, share with us how your fitness and wellness journey is doing too on our social media pages @ThePerkyCompany. As always Be Bold…Be Beautiful…Be Perky!!!


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