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Oh Come, Oh Come, Holiday season is here.

Oh Come, Oh Come, Holiday season is here. In our personal lives, we are preparing our holiday plans; family traveling plans, holiday budgets, and meal plans. Family and friends holiday planning is a whole daytime soap drama, and can be very distracting, and can cause your career life to slack, but we are telling you don’t let up in the office just yet. The fourth quarter can be the game changer in your performance review, and your last minute display of hard work  could possibly get you a few extra bucks in your year end bonus or even better a paid promotion.

Remember your senior year of high school when your guidance counselor and teachers preached to not let senioritis seep in? Even though you got accepted and made your decision on which college or university you want to go to because they look at your final grades and could jeopardize your place. Then, your teacher or your counselor would tell a story about a student they know who had senioritis and the school rescinded their admission offer to their school.  Well, the same is true in the workforce, but the difference is “vacationitis”. I get it you worked hard all year round, came in early mornings, worked late nights, took on extra work, lead extra projects, etc. you assume promotion decisions are settled, you can glide through fourth quarter. With our livelihoods at stake, we cannot let up in the fourth quarter folks, and it can actually be your time to shine while your colleagues are on their vacationitis high. Fourth quarter is crucial time, for many businesses to settle up their figures, finalize the budget for the new year, and of course conduct their year end performance reviews.

I know you do like to hear this, but it is imperative to continue to hang in that last stretch of the end of the year giving your best work. Let’s be real at the end of the year, we want our jobs and we want as much money the company can give us, whereas the business is trying to cut costs where they can. Showcasing how invaluable you are especially at the end, can not only give you a great year end review, new career opportunities, and more money. Below are some quick and easy tips you can adapt in your workday to impress your manager and employers:

  • Smile and greet your boss  and colleagues when you come in and leave everyday
  • 30 Minutes prior to leaving for the day ask your boss if is anything I can do to assist
  • Pitch some new ideas to your boss on ways to automate processes to improve efficiency and productivity
  • Plan the Holiday Party for the team
  • Schedule quick bi-weekly one on one meetings with your boss about goals and leadership opportunities within the group

Using a few of our tips in the next couple of months before your year end meeting can help build a better relationship with your manager and improve your year end performance review. Times are tough, companies are stressed by the political pressures of healthcare, maternity leave, and minimum wage policy changes, and the reality is that reducing the workforce is a top commitment by employers. As we highlighted our high school careers are very similar to our professional careers, here’s one last connection, remember when college admission professionals came in talked about the admissions process? Admissions counselors came in and discussed what type of grades are needed, and the financial aid packages looked like, and they would always say communicate with us if you need more financial dollars, and that if they have any extra funds they would give it to the student who asked for it. To close, if you are determined to stay at your current job, but are looking more money or just a good review, hang in there to end of the year, because you never know what type of opportunities can arise with dedication and speaking up.

(Photo is from Red Magazine)

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