Our First Giveaway!

Hello Perky People.

We are so excited to announce our new collaboration with the lovely ladies, Shanae and Sydney at Good Girls Behaving Badly Podcast, giving out our first giveaway! Who doesn’t like free stuff right? We are offering our whole W.O.K.E office product line which includes:

  • Mousepad
  • Badge Holder
  • 2 Scratch Pads
  • 2 Post-Its
  • Coffee Mug

Perfect for yourself for work, or a gift for a friend or family member, etc!

Be on the lookout for the Good Girls Behaving Badly Podcast on details on the giveaway! Oh, if you haven’t listened to Good Girls Behaving Badly Podcast check these ladies out at www.goodgirlsbehavingbadly.com, and they are on iTunes and Soundcloud!

Be Bold...Be Beautiful...Be Perky!



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