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So Why The Perky Company?

To be blunt, I made the Perky Company because of my own experience of dating and how emotional and vulnerable I am when my relationships ended whether I wanted them to end or not. I am a clingy, emotional and selfish once the relationship is over.

It was horrible pain when I did not have a girlfriend or my mom around to listen to me for hours about my problems and try one way or another tell me that the guy was regretting moving on or that he will reach out again. After the immediate break I struggled with trying to fight the tears, and find activities when I was alone to distract me from the breakup mental quicksand to tears and depression.

As I brainstormed more through the business concept, there are so many pains I suffer than just a man, and that I know many women, specifically women of color need support for. That is how the business was born.

But why the name?

Ugh. I will be honest it was a very annoying and difficult process brainstorming the right name for the business, that was self explanatory and cool. When I think of perkiness, I think about my own pure happiness and joy I have when I am perky; my voice is higher, more chipper, more bubbly, and talkative.

It makes me wonder isn’t pure perkiness life’s goal, pure happiness and being our real selves? Isn’t that life’s nirvana...being our genuine happiest selves?

But of course life is way harder than that, school, work, family, friends, partners, and strangers ruin our perky energy. A lot of times, I found my perkiness dimes whenever someone makes a sarcastic comment towards me or laughs at me, typically when I am at work or at a social setting. As a result, I normally put up a wall, a mental barrier to block my perkiness from coming out because they made me mad.

Ultimately, I hope we all can learn together how to drop our wall of mental barriers restricting our perkiness and finding the strength and courage to be ourselves, and not have others actions affect our paradise of perkiness. Hence, at the end of each podcast and all of our social media you will find our phrase Be Bold...Be Beautiful...Be Perky.

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