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How to Get Promoted

With the end of the year coming so soon...comes the end of the year reviews and money! As we said time and time again perky people we are all about the money at the job, but how can we get more money from our employers? We have big goals and dreams in 2020, we have plans to go on vacations, investments, homes,  and any dollar counts. To get more money from the employer and get the promotions and raises you want, we have to discuss with our management our goals, start acting like a boss, and keeping receipts of anything and everything we do!

Importance of Networking: It all starts with a hello!

Job hunting and advancing your career is difficult and annoying, going through LinkedIn or Indeed searching positions and filling in the time consuming online applications. In reality, when jobs are posted online, employers may have some candidates already in mind and have interviews scheduled with those lucky few. How? This happens because of networking, these candidates already have a chance for the job prior to others.

Applying for the Job...Not Applying my Personal Life

Ugh. I cannot stand it when someone shares too much of their personal life at work. No one in the office is your friend, everyone is there for a common reason to get paid. Sharing and getting into people’s personal lives is a way to kill time and a distraction from your work. Who doesn’t like the tea and gossip of someone’s life? Especially if they are going to spill and want the whole office to know, right? Wrong! This creates a culture in the workplace and on your team, that it is fair game that everyone spills the tea of what they have going on outside work. 

2018 Review and 2019 Preview

2018 Review and 2019 Preview
We are very thankful for the amazing year, well four months of the year we had! lol Before launching Labor Day weekend, it was almost a whole yea...

Oh Come, Oh Come, Holiday season is here.

Oh Come, Oh Come, Holiday season is here.
In our personal lives, we are preparing our holiday plans; family traveling plans, holiday budgets, and meal plans. Family and friends holiday planning is a whole daytime soap drama, and can be very distracting, and can cause your career life to slack, but we are telling you don’t let up in the office just yet.