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The Perky Tracker

The Perky Tracker

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Hello Perky People

The Perky Company is releasing a new product called The Perky Tracker!

Currently the pandemic, economic turbulence, and this great resignation has sparked a lot of people to pause and reflect the direction of their life including their career choices.

Many companies are reviewing their company policies (work from home yay!), and perks to retain and recruit new people! But shouldn't we be doing the some thing for ourselves, what is best for us and what we want to do!

With life not stopping it is hard for us in our day to day to really figure out how to determine what makes us perky, and what jobs/career paths would make us the perkiest! If there is a change of career path we would want, where do we start?

The Perky Tracker is a great start to help organize the things/skills we do in our jobs to help navigate where we want our careers to go.

On a weekly basis you can jot down:
-things to improve
-things you love
-things you don't love

and fill in the perky circle on what makes you perky! In addition we added a section focused on how to build those skills/things you do to make them better and make you perky!

We have on the right hand side questions on how the went how did go? What milestones did you achieve, what perks you gave yourself and what steps did you take to add more perkiness into your life!

Most importantly, we added an investment tracker at the bottom on the perks you will give to yourself and some thing you are going to work on in the next week! (Max of three things a week)

Our perkiness is vital to our health and wellbeing. We hope this tracker can you build your perkiness and build your career!